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DEAL WITH IT ! ® Safety Culture Consultancy & Training From Compliance to Commitment
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Benefits of Deal With It®

smilingblondeCompanies are only as safe as the people within them

Meggitt, Johnson Matthey, Fujifilm and Merck are just a few of the organisations now operating with improved safety records, thanks to Deal With It® training and consultancy.
Improving the safety mindset of your organisation not only saves lives, it also leads to lower insurance premiums and reduces your exposure to prosecutions and compensation claims.

How can we help?
Our highly experienced safety experts work alongside existing staff and management systems to identify any weak spots and help managers deal with them efficiently and cost effectively.
Our unique Deal With It® cultural and behavioural safety courses are practical and enjoyable – but most importantly reduce accidents, save lives and result in improved safety and accident statistics.

The Deal With It® way is not to lecture participants but to motivate them to want to change themselves. This  way they voluntarily sign up to important safety culture improvements and working methods, which will remain with them their entire career.

Our course content is engaging and relevant. It is tailored to meet your specific needs, both as an organisation and on a site-by-site basis. It is equally powerful and accessible for delegates who have reading difficulties or speak English as a second language.

Deal With It® consultants can work with your senior staff to develop effective, measurable safety programmes.

We are used to working with every size of organisation from small SMEs to international corporations located across multiple sites on several continents.

Let us help YOU take the first step on the journey to safety excellence TODAY.