Dealing with conflict

Understanding the different ways men and women deal with conflict will strengthen your operation   Where there are relationships, there will be conflict, it is an inevitable part of interpersonal dynamics, and learning to resolve conflict is a crucial part of successful relationships both at home and at work. Many people will just keep quiet […]

What is Benchmarking?

    The term benchmark originates from a “bench mark” symbol, a horizontal line that British Ordnance Surveyors chiselled into stone landmarks and milestones across the UK until as recently as 1993. The line marks the exact position where surveying equipment (an angle-iron) should be placed to form a “bench” for a levelling rod, ensuring […]

The global rise of coaching in the workplace

  Coaching as a management tool is on the rise, with a reported 48% of global companies now adopting a coaching programme to compliment their existing training and HR initiatives. An incredible 76% of Fortune 500 companies operate mentoring and coaching programmes and that is estimated to rise to 88% in the next 12 months. […]

What is Behavioural Safety Training?

Well, as the name suggests, it is about shining a spotlight on the attitudes and behaviour towards safety within an operation and gaining a consensus across the company that safety comes first at all times. Sounds simple, and to some degree it is, but to get there you often need to start at the beginning […]

What makes a great leader?

On the 8th June 2017, Britain goes to the polls, to decide who is going to captain our ship through the potentially treacherous and murky waters of post-Brexit EU. Who knows, it could be a pleasure cruise, but either way it is going to need a skilled hand on the tiller. Unsurprisingly then, the main […]

Engaging your team

Regardless of the size of your workforce, it is vital to appreciate them both as individuals and as part of your company’s team. The thoughts and actions of the individual will always impact others and your operation as a whole, particularly where safety is concerned. So, how do you create the perfect team, or, more […]

Reducing workplace stress

Two words that are guaranteed to reduce work place stress and improve productivity…  “Well done”. The breathtakingly simple act of telling your staff how much you appreciate them will put smiles on faces and lift your workplace safety climate in an instant.   Receiving praise triggers the release of a neurotransmitter that lights up the […]

Employee Engagement

Just as your corporate culture includes and affects all employees – from top management to the front line workers – so does a safety culture. A safety culture can only develop when everyone in the company embraces safety as a key component in their everyday work. There are two basic elements to creating and sustaining […]

Safety at home and at work

Like charity, safety should begin at home It may surprise you to know that more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, including on our roads. In fact every year around 6000 people in the UK die from accidents at home. The staggering cost of accidents in the home According to the Royal Society for […]

Safety culture or safety climate ?

The difference between safety culture and safety climate; a glimpse beneath the surface of your operation The term “safety culture” appeared for the first time in a report written by the International Atomic Energy Agency following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. It was used to collectively describe the catastrophic failures in company-wide attitudes towards safety […]