Thursday, May 26
DEAL WITH IT ! ® Safety Culture Consultancy & Training From Compliance to Commitment
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A unique set of tools

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‘Deal With It’® is a method which will assist with continuous improvement in your Safety & Performance Objectives

This programme is a powerful and positive accident and injury prevention process designed to drive a positive safety culture by:

Decreasing the frequency of unsafe behaviour through…

  • Discussion of safety issues and concerns on a daily basis
  • Reinforcing safe behaviors and actions though positive feedback
  • Identifying near misses, unsafe conditions and their root causes
  • Removing barriers for communicating safety issues or concerns
  • Learning how to see, and learning to act promptly on any unsafe or hazardous conditions – Deal with It NOW, not later

Designed to build a strong safety culture through focusing on…

  • Proactive actions rather than reactive actions
  • Key is preventing accidents instead of reacting to an incident after it has occurred

Employee involvement and engagement at all levels

  • Working together as a TEAM to prevent accidents
  • All employees, regardless of level, take ownership of their own behaviour and safety, as well as commit to protecting others in the workplace
  • Build a common safety language
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Move from compliance to commitment driven
  • Incorporation of health and safety into operational excellence

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