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Your Safety Culture!

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Refocus On Your Safety Culture

As businesses around the world start to return to work, there’s a mix of trepidation and excitement, relief and nervousness.

As employees step back onto the shop-floor, dust down their machines, tools and process lines, not all of them are thinking about safety.

They’re thinking about their rent and mortgage payments.

They’re thinking about their families.

They’re thinking about how uncertain everything feels.

They’re thinking about whether they’ll be next to catch the virus.

They’re wondering if the worker next to them has it.

They’re wondering how to do a good job.


For a few years the term “workplace culture” has become very trendy. More than just a buzzword, workplace culture refers to the way things are done at your workplace. Rather than referring to your company’s specific safety policy and programme, it is a genuine value driven by the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours of workers, supervisors, managers, and owners toward safety in the workplace. A positive safety culture in the workplace is absolutely a vital part of a successful and effective health and safety programme

You may find the idea of building, tweaking even changing your safety culture quite daunting because the “way it is” at your workplace has fallen into a pattern of complacency. The effects of complacency can be catastrophic: accidents, injuries, illnesses, even loss of life could result. Don’t allow this to happen in your workplace.

Five Tips

  • Communication: Safety messages are communicated organisation-wide. As well, all employees receive training on safe operating processes, policies, and procedures. There is a safety board that is updated regularly, and there are frequent messages and updates from top management that are circulated company-wide.
  • Training: Training is provided to employees on a regular basis, and is monitored for effectiveness. If skill gaps are identified, they are rectified through training and coaching.
  • Top-Down Support: Safety is supported and practiced at all levels. Buy-in comes naturally because safety is ingrained in all of the company’s operations and processes.
  • Reporting Culture: Hazard reports are welcome, rather than discouraged. When employees feel comfortable reporting hazards, they’ll be more apt to do so. The reporting culture is further strengthened when the employer takes action to control or remedy reported hazards immediately.
  • Involve workers: Buy-in and participation increase tremendously when workers have input into workplace safety processes, policies, and programme elements.

For over 20 years we have delivered training across many diverse industries. Our primary workshop focuses on the 5 points above.

Prior to lock-down in March 2020, we received a message from one of our client’s based in Oxford, UK and Chicago, US.

“Paperwork and systems are only a small part of the solution, when it comes to improving safety performance, and whilst this type of training had provided success, we wanted to move to the next level. As a result, we were looking for a course to help address human behaviour – encouraging employees to focus on their actions and to think about the potential consequences before they started.  ‘Deal With It’ is just the course to do that – a very entertaining half-day session, facilitated by engaging and enthusiastic trainers, which delivers a very simple, but powerful message in a clever and creative way! Feedback has been extremely positive, with many saying that they have now changed their approach and behaviour, and our results are backing this up. The best comments though, came from those who couldn’t believe that they’d actually enjoyed a safety training session. Evidence that this course dispels the fourth safety myth – the assumption that all safety training can only be dull and tedious! 

Group HSE – Crown Technologies Ltd

Refocus On Your Safety Culture. Find Out How:

Neil Lancaster, Business Manager for the ‘Deal With It’ Safety Culture Team.


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